Question: What Is The Code After Deli In Project Pokemon?

What are the codes for project legends?

Active codes

  • RETURN1 – Pikachu.
  • HiddenKyurem – Red Kyurem.

What is the code for Mewtwo in project Pokemon?

With the Kanto Legendary Gamepass, you can find Mewtwo with a 1/100 chance anytime. Mewtwo can also be obtained through trading or from the Pokémon Roulette. There was a code that gave Mewtwo: ‘Apologies ‘ (please note that the code has now expired).

How do you get Celebi in project Pokemon?

How to Obtain. Celebi can be caught anywhere during the day. It can also be obtained from the Pokémon Roulette or from trade. There used to be a code called ‘OneMill’ that gave a shiny Celebi.

How do you get mew in project legends?

There is a 1/150 chance to find Mew anywhere with the Mew Gamepass. Alternitavely, it has 1/1500 to encounter anywhere. You can also obtain Mew by talking to the NPC in Viridian City’s PokéCenter with the Mew Gamepass and less than six pokemon in your party, trading, and the Pokemon Roulette.

What is Project Pokemon based on?

Project: Pokémon was an unofficial Pokémon game based off the original Pokémon games, and takes place in the Pokémon region of Kanto. Unlike the original Pokémon games, this game has nearly every Pokémon, and has a few places that weren’t in the original. Approximately 4 million people have played the game.

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How do you enter codes on project Polaro?

How to Redeem Codes. To redeem codes for Spins and other rewards, you have to defeat the first gym leader to get the Boulder Badge. After that, you have to click on the Menu and choose Mystery Gift. This is where you need to paste the codes you have copied from the above list.

How do I redeem a code on project Polaro?

Once you’ve earned the Boulder Badge, click Menu on the left of the screen. Then click Mystery Gift. Enter all working codes exactly as written into the text box.

What is Mewtwo weakness?


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