Question: How Much Does American Deli Wings Cost?

Are American Deli wings fried?

Wings. Fresh never frozen wings fried to a satisfying crunch and then hand tossed in any of our signature American Deli sauces.

How much do American Deli get paid?

The average American Deli hourly pay ranges from approximately $10 per hour for a Cashier to $841 per hour for a Cashier. American Deli employees rate the overall compensation and benefits package 2.6/5 stars.

Who is the owner of American Deli?

Chang Lim is the founder of American Deli. Where is American Deli headquarters? American Deli headquarters is in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

What flavor wings does American Deli have?

Choose a wing flavor: Cajun Dry Rub, Family Gold, Garlic Parmesan, Honey BBQ, Honey Hot. Choose a dipping sauce: Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce, Ranch Dipping Sauce.

How much is an American deli franchise?

The total investment necessary to begin operation of an American Deli franchise is $230,000 to $295,000. This includes $10,000 that must be paid to the franchisor or affiliate. In addition, if you purchase a turnkey Restaurant, the cost of the Restaurant must be paid to the franchisor or affiliate.

How many American Deli locations are there?

There are 192 American Deli locations in the United States as of September 23, 2021. The state with the most number of American Deli locations in the US is Georgia, with 108 locations, which is 56% of all American Deli locations in America.

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Why are chicken wings so expensive?

There’s a constellation of reasons for the spike. Commodity costs have skyrocketed thanks to the pandemic’s supply chain disruptions and hiring woes, but chicken wings, with a labor intensive production process, are especially vulnerable to economic challenges brought on by the coronavirus outbreak.

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